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I Am Number Four free essay sample

There were nine. Three are dead. I Am Number Four. Nine young people and their gatekeepers are hanging on Earth ensured by an appeal that implies they must be slaughtered in numeric request, three are as of now dead. John Smith is Number Four. Furthermore, his human adversaries, the Macedonian, are chasing him down The best way to keep off radar is to continue moving, never remaining in one spot for long. At last In the terminating line, everything he can do is receive the appearance of an understudy and implore his surprising endowments his inheritances home; Planet Lories remain shrouded long enough for him to sink into this new network. Be that as it may, others appear to detect his otherness and when unassuming community life sucks him into its interests, it won't be long until his actual nature is uncovered. Also, that implies theres no space for adoration, companionship or a future on the off chance that It implies securing himself, however the other five MY Rating: 7. John, which is the thing that he is called by others in the book, is a heritage from when he was conceived, which makes him build up these otherworldly powers that permit him to do thing possible. He’s on the run from the species called the mogadorians that pulverized his planet on the grounds that they’re looking and attempting to murder him. So John is on the run from these individuals attempting to kill him since he is the close incredible the last three has kicked the bucket and he is the following. While on the run, John needs to change personalities and move far away from the spot he was remaining at previously, so then he generally needs to meet new individuals, make new companions, and battle with so much change. What was the topic of I am Number Four? I could genuinely say that its good examples are significant. In the event that you take a gander at the parts of this story you understand that John is with and dealt with by his watchman and defender all through the story, without him he presumably wouldn’t have the option to make due by any means. Henri is the one helping him comprehend his forces, and where he’s from and for what reason are they doing what they’re doing. In the event that you have somebody to gaze upward as well, you ought to most likely ensure they know a ton, supposing that you know somebody that’s shrewd and educated to turn upward as well, you may get familiar with a bit of something about existence. That’s what Henri is to John, he was particularly a great and learned good example, in view of the truth of the matter is that on the off chance that it wasn’t for Henri, John would’ve endure. How was the organization of composing for I am Number Four? I could state that the writer utilized exploratory writing. The book was incredibly innovative and truly intriguing, the writer must’ve had a genuine inventive psyche simply pondering the plot to this story. The structure of the story was incredible and was all around done idea about, numerous things that was really pertinent to the plot. I delighted by they way he really gave John an actual existence, and he was locked in with connections and kinships all through the story. The idea was likewise intriguing on how he put together it with respect to a kid who should appear to be a normal individual however rather is a powerful individual who is fundamentally playing and masked as a standard individual. Perusing this book was very engaging, on the grounds that books like these show that you characters fiction or true to life have cutting edge issues. It additionally shows that everyone manages battles throughout everyday life except you need to attempt to continue on to move beyond them. Good examples in life are significant; they can completely transform you and make you see extraordinary and better perspectives on the vital things of life. Last, the experimental writing utilized by the writer caused the story to have a decent plot, incredible structure, and a truly intriguing story.

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How to Get Your GED Online The 4 Best Courses

Step by step instructions to Get Your GED Online The 4 Best Courses SAT/ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips No secondary school confirmation? At that point you may be contemplating taking the GED test. Would you be able to take the GED on the web? Shouldn't something be said about online GED courses? In this guide, we’ll talk about what the general GED process involves and why you can’t really take the GED on the web (despite the fact that it would be progressively helpful!). We’ll additionally give you our top picks for the best online GED classes. What Is the GED Process? Review The GED (short for General Educational Development) test is a gathering of four subject tests that, when passed, confirm that one has accomplished the US and Canadian secondary school instructive gauges. The four GED subjects are as per the following: Language Arts Social Studies Science Math As an option in contrast to a secondary school confirmation, the GED focuses on the individuals who didn't complete secondary school and who are more seasoned than 16. It tests a similar fundamental aptitudes understudies learn in secondary school. So what precisely is the procedure for taking the GED? Here’s a diagram of the means: Check your qualification: As expressed above, so as to take the GED, you should be in any event 16 years of age and not right now took a crack at secondary school. A few states have prerequisites regarding to what extent you more likely than not been out of secondary school, so be certain tocheck your state's strategies on this before you choose to take the GED. Register for the GED: You mustmake a record on the authority GED site to have the option to enlist for the test. Note that you can take up only one of the tests or each of the four on the double. Each subject test costs about $30 (this cost can change somewhat relying upon the state). Prep for the GED:Though considering isn’t required, it’s positively supported, particularly on the off chance that you haven’t taken a secondary school class in quite a while or are corroded with a specific subject. We’ll talk progressively about what you can use for your GED prep right away. Take the GED test: The last advance is to go to your testing place and take the GED! This is only a short framework of what you can expect when beginning the GED procedure. In any case, would you be able to take the GED on the web? Would you be able to Take the GED Test Online? The short answer is no, you can't take the GED on the web. Like many state administered tests, includingthe GRE, the GED must be taken face to face at an approved GED test focus. In spite of the fact that the GED is managed on a PC, you can’t step through the examination at home or online from anyplace other than an approved test place. You can look for close by test focuses utilizing the GED site test focus search apparatus. Tragically, this hasn’t prevented sites from professing to offer genuine GED confirmations and endorsements on the web. Any site you go over that demands you can acquire a GED on the web or take the GED test online is basically a con artist attempting to take your cash. Try not to be tricked! All they are really offering arefake GED recognitions and declarations that are not authorize or perceived in the US or Canada. Indeed, even the authority GED site has a page cautioning against these GED online tricks: On the off chance that the state isn’t granting you the GEDÂ ® qualification or you are taking the test on the web or at home, you’re paying for some different option from the GEDÂ ® test. Don’t expect a site is expressing reality when it says 'authorize.' They’ll express anything to take your cash! To see whether a secondary school or online program is perceived or authorize by your state, if it's not too much trouble contact your state's Department of Education. So what would you be able to do online with the GED? Despite the fact that you can’t step through the examination on your own PC, you can prepare for it utilizing on the web assets and classes.Read on to find out additional! The 4 Best Resources for Online GED Classes and Prep You can’t take the GED test on the web, however there are many (authentic!) online GED classes you can take that are ensured to assist you with putting forth a valiant effort on test day. Here are some top assets you can use for online GED courses and prep. #1: Official GED Website By a wide margin the best asset you can use for GED prep is the authority GED site. The GED Testing Service not just has an instrument to assist you with finding face to face prep courses close to you, yet in addition offersan exhibit of high-caliber, live online GED classes. Course materials can be gotten to whenever and anyplace from your PC, wireless, or tablet. Each live class keeps going 60-an hour and a half and is educated by a specialist Kaplan teacher. This video gives you how these authority online GED courses work: The expense is $129 for 90-day access to each of the four subjects.Alternatively, you can get45-day access to one subject for $59 (Language Arts or Math as it were). On the off chance that you don’t need to pay a ton for a class, the GED Testing Service offers practice tests and practice question cheat sheets for $6-$15 per subject. #2: Kaplan Kaplan is as of now a really acclaimed test-prep organization, however it sparkles extra splendidly with regards to its contributions of GED prep materials. Notwithstanding the live online GED classes Kaplan does related to the GED Testing Service, the organization offers a self-guided online GED class for $129. This three-month course is perfect for working grown-ups and individuals with kids since you can concentrate individually and at your own pace. With this course,you will gain admittance to in excess of 150 instructional recordings, many GED practice questions, an indicative test, and a last practice test. #3: UGO Prep In case you're in a period crunch, UGO Prep offers a first class fourteen day GED online course. Online practice tests incorporate genuine GED inquiries from past tests and utilize an interface very like what you’ll see on test day. The course costs $69.99 for one-month access to the full investigation packagefor every one of the four subjects. You can likewise purchase add-on features,including math address recordings ($9.99), sound talks ($24.99), and cheat sheets ($14.99). On the off chance that you’re not certain to what extent your GED prep may take you, you have the alternative to update your bundle to lifetime access for $15 increasingly an entirely decent worth when you contrast this cost and those for the authority online GED classes and Kaplan GED online course portrayed previously. #4: Union Test Prep On the off chance that you’re looking forfree GED classes on the web, I suggest Union Test Prep. This organization offers a wide exhibit of free GED prep materials, from full practice tests to cheat sheets to examine guides. In spite of the fact that these materials aren't a GED online course in the customary sense, you can utilize them to structure your own GED survey meetings, going over just what you have to know. With Union Test Prep, you’re getting a far reaching review of the various types of inquiries and themes you can expect on the GED for every single branch of knowledge. You’ll likewise find out about the GED arrangement and question types. Key Takeaways:Getting Your GED Online The GED is a lot of four subject tests that, when passed, procures you confirmation identical to a US or Canadian secondary school certificate. The test is solely managed at GED testing offices, meaningyou can't take the GED on the web. Any site or organization that professes to offer the GED test or GED recognitions/authentications online is a trick and ought not be trusted! In spite of this hazard, the web isn't totally useless with regards to GED prep.You cantake online GED courses to assist you with getting ready and audit for the test. The best online GED classes we suggest investigating are those by the GED Testing Service, Kaplan, and UGO Prep. On the off chance that you'd preferably set aside some cash, take a stab at concentrating with thefree GED online examination materials gave by Union Test Prep. What’s Next? What precisely is the GED? Get the hang of everything there is to think about this secondary school equivalency test, including who takes it and whether you should, as well! What is a secondary school equivalency confirmation? Get the scoop on how these recognitions vary from your average secondary school confirmation. Uncertain about whether you need a secondary school certificate to do what you need throughout everyday life? At that point investigate our complete manual for how you can get a secondary school recognition, regardless of whether you're not in secondary school at present. Have companions who likewise need assistance with test prep? Offer this article! Tweet Hannah Muniz About the Author Hannah got her MA in Japanese Studies from the University of Michigan and holds a four year college education from the University of Southern California. From 2013 to 2015, she showed English in Japan by means of the JET Program. She is energetic about instruction, composing, and travel. Get Free Guides to Boost Your SAT/ACT Get FREE EXCLUSIVE insider tips on the best way to ACE THE SAT/ACT. 100% Privacy. No spam ever. hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: '360031', formId: '2167ba30-e68e-4777-b88d-8bf3c84579af', formInstanceId: '2', submitButtonClass: 'btn-red-light btn', target: '#hubspot-container2', redirectUrl: ' in bless your heart', css: '.post-base .hs-form.stacked mark {display:none;} .post-base .hs-form.stacked .field div.input {padding-top: 55px; cushioning left: 300px;} .post-base .hs-input {width: 220px} .post-base .btn-essential, .hs-button.primary {margin-top:0px;

Leadership style or skills and Nursing Faculty Research Paper

Authority style or abilities and Nursing Faculty - Research Paper Example Moreover, the neighborhood schools and colleges are likewise being tested on how they can successfully expand the general nature of As a typical information, the utilization of poor administration style will build the danger of high representative turnover rate. Rather than having the option to urge increasingly enlisted medical caretakers to turn into an attendant instructor, having an inadequate administration expertise won't just demoralize our future enrolled medical caretakers to begin a profession in nursing training yet in addition lead to the advancement of a poor nursing instructive projects. Hence, it is significant for all attendants to completely see all factors that will add to a powerful authority style. Thusly, our future medical attendants will have the option to help decrease the lack of nursing personnel staff (Royal College of Nurisng, 2010, p. 10). The normal difficulties that the greater part of our nursing workforce pioneers are encountering incorporate enlistment and maintenance of exceptionally serious nursing teachers (Laschinger et al., 2009). It is essential to furnish the employees with chance to take an interest in an authority preparing program. Inability to do so can make the nursing personnel pioneers progressively disappointed and wore out with their general occupation necessities (Laschinger et al., 2009). By persistently improving the viability of nursing personnel staff enlistment procedures, the pioneers of nursing workforce can step by step improve its worker standard for dependability. To do as such, a few examinations firmly recommend that the pioneers of nursing workforce should concentrate on recognizing ways on how they can assist them with making a sound and alluring workplace for every single enrolled nurture who wish to seek after a profession in educating (Weberg, 2010). To make a sound and appealing workplace, the pioneers of nursing personnel ought to have the option to improve their administration expertise (Casida and Parker, 2011). Using powerful initiative style, the pioneers of nursing personnel can without much of a stretch increment the general employment fulfillment

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French Listening Comprehension and Practice Exercises

French Listening Comprehension and Practice Exercises On the off chance that youd like to improve your French listening cognizance abilities, the activities underneath can assist you with bettering handle the language. Theyâ includeâ a French sound document with an investigation direct, test, transcript and interpretation. Through and through, there are in excess of 100 listening exercisesâ on this site, running from basic exchanges to inside and out listening understanding activities. The most well known pages offer viable exhortation or talk about a person or thing acclaimed. The French Language Accents de FranceFrench changes from nation to nation and from area to locale. Find out about a portion of the accents you may experience in France in this sound report from LaGuinguette. French in France Prologue to French in France (lingos and standard French) and the Dictionary of French Regionalisms. PatoisDiscussion about lingos in France and the two primary concerns of view on their phonetic status. The Patois of Vendà ©ePresentation of certain qualities of the French patois spoken in Vendã ©e. Patois and Regional CharacteristicsDo territorial contrasts in vernacular reflect provincial contrasts in attitude? Starting French DialoguePractice your French listening capacity with this starting level French exchange highlighting welcome and presentations and your selection of rates: normal and moderate. (Camille Chevalier Karfis) The Scary HouseBeginning level of Les portes tordues, a bilingual book recording for starting to halfway understudies. (Kathie Dior) The Twisted DoorIntermediate level of Les portes tordues, a bilingual book recording for starting to middle of the road understudies. (Kathie Dior) The CemetaryIntermediate level of Les portes tordues. (Kathie Dior) Welcome and IntroductionsPractice your French listening capacity with this starting level French exchange highlighting welcome and presentations and your selection of velocities: standard and moderate. (Camille Chevalier Karfis) Number Practice Figuring out how to include in French is a certain something - its genuinely simple to memorizeâ un,â deux,â trois. Its another issue completely to have the option to think about a number without tallying ready, or to comprehend singular numbers when you hear them. Luckily, careful discipline brings about promising results, and these sound documents can assist you with getting better at comprehension and utilizing French numbers with irregular number generators. (Laura K. Uncivilized) Who said no? Middle of the road level of Les portes tordues. (Kathie Dior) Legislative issues and Social Issues Uproars in FranceOn 27 October 2005, riots started in a Parisian suburb and immediately spread across France and even to neighboring nations. In this three-section conversation, a correspondent examines the uproars with two neighborhood seniors in Clichy-sous-Bois who are attempting to quiet down the circumstance. Sã ©golã ¨ne Royal - prà ©sidente?Sà ©golà ¨ne Royal is a communist whoâ worked difficult to become Frances first female president. Find out about her foundation and her battle in this conversation. LETA et le Pays BasqueIntroduction to the history behind the ETA, the Basque dissident development. Le CPEIn January 2006, the French government passed a work change law that started off fights around the nation. Find out about the CPE and why it was so disagreeable to French understudies and laborers. MitterrandJanuary 2006 denoted the 10-year commemoration of the demise of Franã §ois Mitterrand, the first thus far just communist leader of France. Find out about Mitterrand and a portion of the individuals who cherished him. French Culture Spray painting Spray painting doesn't really rise to vandalism. Its a methods for individual and even masterful articulation. Find out about a portion of the individuals and methods behind spray painting. Le jardin des TuileriesLearn about the acclaimed Parisian park, le jardin des Tuileries, as you take a shot at your listening cognizance with this three-section conversation. Cest de lamour và ©ritable!Old age doesn't need to mean the finish of living, or in any event, cherishing. In this meeting, a 90-year-elderly person shares his musings on the most proficient method to get the most outâ of life and love, at any age. La loi EvinLearn about the guideline of publicizing of liquor in France, and the thinking behind it. The travel industry, Shopping, Travel Dining Out lhã'tel ~ At the Hotel Beginning-level French exchange between a lodging secretary and guest.â Le viaduc de Millau Le viaduc de Millauâ was finished in 2004. Find out about its development and wellbeing components. Au magasin ~ At the storeBeginning-level French discourse between a client and vendor. Au café ~ At the Restaurant Beginning-level French exchange between a server and client. Breakfast ~ Le petit dà ©jeuner Beginning-level discourse between a client and server at breakfast.

Request for Proposal (Burger King) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Solicitation for Proposal (Burger King) - Essay Example tional ventures proposed by Burger King are planned for guaranteeing that the firm grows its administration and offered administrations to the neighborhood and global customer bases. Deciding the degrees of ventures is fundamental, in meeting the firms’ ability. In concentrating on these components, Burger King can satisfy the market needs and prerequisites. Dissecting the market will be basic in guaranteeing the firm delivers quality support of the potential market. In concentrating on the space the board, the firm has the ability of guaranteeing quality administration of the space assignment. The new eatery would concentrate on amplifying benefit and progressing in the direction of guaranteeing the firm accomplished its objectives and meet the money related commitment set by BCAD. The site area is appropriate in drawing in enough clients per given time. The powerful idea of the firm would have impact in guaranteeing the firm offers serious types of assistance that would pull in customers and increment BCAD income assortment. The potential market is fundamental in deciding the models to be sent by Burger King to guarantee common advantages for the firm and BCAD. The center will be to wander into the café administrations and spotlight on quality conveyance and give a serious edge over potential adversary firms. The market is wide and the way in which an inflexible stances it among the first class will decide the degrees of accomplishment. The firm can utilize its immense involvement with the administration business to guarantee most extreme advantages for BCAD and the firm’s interior commitment. The firm has the ability to deal with countless customers and still keep up the quality help expected of the firm. The experience the firm has in the field gives it a preferred position age over different firms. Experience has impact in figuring out what administrations to be offered at a given timeframe. Expanding return will be controlled by the degrees of models utilized b y the firm. The firm has the obligation to manage the area and guarantee it works at full limit and

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Social Stratification and Inequality Theories Coursework - 1100 Words

Social Stratification and Inequality Theories Coursework (Coursework Sample) Content: I was already aware of the various forms of inequality in our society even before I began my course on Social Inequalities in Social Anthropology 128 as it is manifested in various every day settings which often go unobserved or briefly recognized then ignored because of its mundanity. However, sometimes, I choose to recognize the injustices in these every day, mundane scenes of social inequality as is the habit of a UP student who is accustomed to rhetoric and acts of resistance against these inequalities. One instance, I pass by a throng of homeless people on my way to Session Road to choose among the variety of restaurants where I would eat dinner. I think about where I would eat among the many restaurants in Session Road while some people do not even have the means to eat dinner. Squatter areas are demolished to give way for the construction of luxury buildings (Hunger Alert Case, 2015). The bill for the 2000 PHP increase in the SSS Pension is vetoed by the presid ent while SSS high officials receive millions for their Christmas bonuses (Sabilo, K.A., 2015). There are several luxurious recreational spaces e.g. Resorts World Manila, The Palace Pool Club in Manila where there are many communities which do not have a clean source of water or a consistent supply of electricity (Rood, S., 2015). Even before I entered the university, I am aware of these realities because they cannot be escaped as they are observable in everyday situations and the social media is saturated by such grim news but I often ignore them because I am not aware of being seriously directly affected by any of them because I have parents who provide for me and because I came from social background that does not concern themselves about the social inequalities experienced by other people. When I entered university, I have become indignant of these inequalities because I came to know that these are actually injustices which must not be accepted as inevitable realities. I have va gue notions and ideas about the causes of these social inequalities which I have learned from various GE subjects and from various discussions in the university. My knowledge about these social inequalities was furthered through discussions in my Social Anthropology 128 class.In my Social Anthropology 128 class, I learned that Marx theorized that whoever has the means of production in a society is the one who holds power. Marx also theorized that society can be hierarchically organized according to economic classes which are determined according to personà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s relation to his/her means of production. According to Marx, those who hold the means production hold the most power. The power of corporations and companies who hold the means of production i.e. the capital and technology to produce goods which are bought and consumed and used by everyone to accomplish daily activities is manifested in the economic dependence of the workers in corporations and companies.Weber furthered Marxà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s studies (Burris, V., 1987) and argued that social hierarchy cannot be determined by class alone and theorized the three dimensions that determine social hierarchy which are class, status, and party (Weber, M., 1946). Class derives from its Marxist meaning as the classification of people according to their relation to their economic means of production. Weber theorizes that people obtain power through their class. Status and party are other non-economic means by which people may obtain power. Status groups are created according to lifestyles. Parties are groups which organize themselves to stir influence in a society. Weberà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s critique on Marx that social hierarchy is not determined through economic class alone is manifested in the power held by Iglesia ni Cristo amongst its members (Gamil, J., 2015) and by the power and influence of the Communist Party of the Philippines among its members and among people who hold the same ideologies e.g. student activists. (Yap, D,. 2015)According to Collins, people are always involved in relational issues of power and status and that people use coercion to assert their power and status. An example that will illustrate this theory is the Marcosà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ abuse of his power to maintain his position as manifested in the mass forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings committed during his reign (Collins, R., 1974).Dahrendorf theorized that social order is maintained through coercion by those who hold the most economic and legal power. He also theorized that people pursue their own best interests economically according to their economic means. How the educational system is marketed as a means to get a good job which means a high-paying job is an illustration of Dahrendorfà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s theory.Lenski synthesized the functionalist theory and the conflict theory. Functionalism teaches that every institution in society exists because it has an essential function. Conflict theory teaches that it is confl ict which instigates change in a society. I do not understand the theory well enough because I was absent during its discussion and so I could not give an example to illustrate it.I learned from all the theories that we have discussed in class that there is a social hierarchy in society wherein a few people enjoy more power, which may be economic or non-economic, than most people. This inequality in power is manifested in various institutions and various situations in society and from these manifestations I conclude that this inequality only serves in favor of those in power. What follows after the study of the problems of social hierarchy conducted in these theories is to organize solutions to these problems i.e. how to balance the distribution of power, be it economic or political, for the benefit of the whole population.

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Fringe Benefits for Freelance Writers

fringe ben ·e ·fit noun Definition: an extra benefit supplementing an employees salary, for example, a company car, subsidized meals, health insurance, etc. synonyms: extra,  added extra,  additional benefit,  privilege,  bonus; There are a number of bonuses that comes with a writers career. Even to this day, getting paid for writing seems like magic—it’s soooo easy, isn’t it? However, money isn’t the only reward for being a freelance writer. Fringe benefits abound and you may find yourself swimming in benefits that aren’t readily apparent. In this article we’ll now take a look at a few of the many reasons why this career path is so great. Staying Current You’ll never be out of the loop as a freelance writer. You get to stay current because youre typically dealing with topical content. 90% of the writing assignments I undertake are based online. This means that I get to stay abreast of the latest trends that I would otherwise miss locked in a cubicle or installing drywall on some construction site. Job Security Is there anything more tragic than watching a consistently-employed individual become redundant by a new technology or trend? Or, watching someone scramble to pay the bills after being laid off? For writers, there’s always work. Everywhere you go you will see the written word, someone had to write that—and that someone could be you. Good help is hard to find. Smart clients know how valuable good writers are and seek to retain them. You will also learn other skills, ensuring your don’t need to put your eggs in one baket. Ive had several instances where Ive gone from writing PR copy to catfishing on a client’s behalf. Each of these skills increases the breadth of my available job market, usually while being paid a healthy rate. Business Know-How Ever worked at a job where you just knew your boss was an idiot? As a freelancer, not only do you get to choose which idiot(s) you work for,   but you can also see what’s going on under the hood, understanding what’s causing their business to run inefficiently. If you have an entrepreneurial instinct, you have the chance to observe how other businesses are run, learning what works and what doesnt. For instance, Ive had clients that are very disorganized; however, they have great ideas. One common archetype is a client that has bitten off more than they could chew. Basically, their ambitions exceeded their abilities—its a common motif in freelancing. On the other hand, Ive met people with ambitions but no ideas beyond copying ideas from success stories. This type is a little more difficult because their intent is to have you come up with all the intellectual legwork while they just fund the project. I’ve often said, â€Å"well, I can do that I suppose†¦Ã¢â‚¬  and got to work on my own similar projects. Hey, as long as the checks get cashed, I’ll play along. Finally, you can have great clients that not only pay well, but are also very successful. One client I work for has been featured on CNN, Oprah, Huffington Post, and so forth, but I know exactly why—they’re organized, efficient. They treat their freelancers well,   and expect a high level of consistent output. Community Writing can be solitary, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be that way. Because youre interviewing sources and engaging people, you become part of a local community whether you like it or not. Ever wonder what’s happening in your town? Write about it. It gives you a good excuse to snoop around or find out what really goes on. Plus, you may surprise yourself with the positive things; last week, I found out some local initiatives that are planned for next year for public art projects, all thanks to asking a librarian to help me cross-reference some research for an unrelated assignment. Hey, you never know†¦ You may catch some people off-guard by asking too many questions. Ive had several instances where people take me aside, taking offense at my inquisitive nature. Perhaps thats one of the job hazards for writers (besides carpal tunnel syndrome), but I find that more often than not, people want to tell you their opinions, knowing that you can give voice to the voiceless. Not a bad gig, if you ask me. Self-Determinism I’ll never forget being forced to quit a cooking gig when I told my then-boss that I needed to find a second job to pay my bills. It didn’t make sense to me at the time, but now it does: my boss was trying to retain me and limit my earnings. Yikes, I’m glad those days are over. As a freelance writer, I don’t have to â€Å"ask for permission† to seek out more work. Heck, I’m going to go on a cigarette break RIGHT NOW! [Five minutes later†¦] Ahh, sweet freedom. While I’ve maintained a freelance writing career for a number of years, I’ve also had the opportunity to work other jobs simultaneously. Remember this: the only metric freelance writers are judged by is their output. You don’t have to play Machiavellian office politics, nor suck up to a manager. Better yet, when I’ve been overwhelmed with assignments, no one batted an eyelid when I outsourced the extra work. Try pawning off your office gig to your friend when you’ve got a hangover and see what happens†¦ The takeaway is that you are in charge of your earnings and your career. You have no one else to blame when you come up short and you can set your own hourly rate. Like I said, sweet freedom. Freeing Up Your Time and Energy Back when I was a nine-to-fiver, my free time was squeezed in between commutes, grocery shopping, and running errands. With freelance writing, I find that I have an abundance of free time—so much so that I almost feel guilty when comparing notes with my salaried friends. The fringe benefit of writing is that you can squeeze your job in between your life; not the other way around. The other interesting thing is the actual physical effort that is required for writing. Ive shoveled asphalt for near minimum-wage to driving in a semi across the US. I’ll tell you what: those jobs are exhausting. Often, I’d find myself in a lifeless daze after every shift, reaching out for whatever low-energy amusement that would give me a dose of instant gratification and induce sleep. With writing, I find myself seeking out physical exercise to wind me down from the day. Even the mental fatigue caused by monotony is erased; every assignment is a new approach and a new test of my skills that I’m more than happy to develop. * * * This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of being a writer. I won’t even tell you all the times I’ve managed to impress people at engagements with random facts or an in-depth knowledge about esoteric topics. After reading this article, you can tell everyone gathered around you why this job is the best. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a glass of beer.